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“Africa: Collaboration between Unions and Governments for a Better Future in Education”, by Cherine Sabry.

Unions and governments have been in conflict since the dawn of time. The mere existence of unions as a force to defend workers’ rights where governments fail to do so in and of itself leads to this conflictual relationship. In Africa, unions have rarely been consulted during the COVID-19 crisis and even when they were, their a...

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“Privatisation tendencies in Dominican education: Heterarchy, network governance and new philanthropy”, by D. Brent Edwards Jr., Mauro C. Moschetti, Alejandro Caravaca.

The privatisation of education is manifesting in increasingly complex ways. These range from the participation of private actors in the provision of education services to the incorporation of business logics in public education. To be sure, the variety of forms in which this phenomenon manifests presents challenges when it comes...

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