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"Overlapping crises: the impact of Covid-19 on refugee students in Lebanon", by Hussain Muhammad Jawad

Lebanon is a country with a population of 4.5 million and is home to a large number of refugees. Over two million Syrian refugees are now living in Lebanon, in addition to half a million of Palestinian refugees. More than 52% of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon are children, and UNHCR figures indicate that around 450,000 refugees ...

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“COVID-19 crisis: the education situation in Italy”, by Rossella Benedetti.

In Italy, the first COVID-19 cases were discovered at the end of January. It was another month before the spread of the virus forced us to suspend face-to-face lessons. At the beginning of March, teachers, in lockdown at home, began distance teaching, while administrative, technical and cleaning staff still had to go to educatio...

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