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“Preparing for a post-COVID-19 world and working to prevent student dropout: good union practices in the fight against child labour”, by Samuel Grumiau and Pedi Anawi.

According to the ILO, there are over 150 million child labourers worldwide. Conscious of this challenge and keen to promote the right to a quality education for all, EI members in thirteen countries have initiated programmes to eradicate child labour with the support of EI and its partners. While there is a risk that there will ...

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“Getting children back to school after the COVID-19 closures: how EI's child labour projects empowered teachers and their unions”, by Nora Wintour.

In the research study, conducted in 2018 and 2019 “EI/AOb Child Labour Projects: Transnational best practices and union impacts”, I examined how professional training programmes have enhanced teachers capacity to attract and retain children in school through participatory education techniques and how as a result of the child...

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