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Iranian Kurdish teacher activist Kamangar in imminent danger of execution

Education International has been informed that the Iranian authorities have threatened imminent execution of Kurdish activists, including teacher Farzad Kamangar and others.

In the wake of the intensification of repression against unionists and all Iranians who do not share the views of the government, and also in connection with the recent execution of Kurdish political activist Fasih Yasamani, EI considers the latest information to be gravely serious. The International Trade Union Confederation has also sent a letter to the Iranian Supreme leader requesting that Kamangar not be executed. Since June 2008, EI has been questioning the fairness of Kamangar’s trial and appealing to the Iranian authorities to commute the death sentence against him. His lawyer alleges that Kamangar has suffered repeated torture and ill treatment during his incarceration in Evin and other Iranian prisons. Security and intelligence officials of Kurdistan province have repeatedly threatened Kamangar that he would be executed. Kamangar’s case has been mentioned by EI and by the ITUC in submissions to the Universal Periodical Review undertaken by the United Nations Human Rights Council. The UN’s official review of Iran’s human rights record will take place on 15 February 2010. The threat of further executions could be interpreted as demonstrating that the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has a complete lack of respect for international obligations. EI asks all its member organizations and individuals all over the world to support Kamangar through the EI Urgent Action Appeal. To send a message to the Iranian authorities, please go to: http://www.ei-ie.org/savefarzad/

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