Resolution on the Situation in Palestine

The Third World Congress of Education International, meeting in Jomtien, Thailand, from 25 to 29 July, 2001: 1. Notes with concern the dangerous escalation of the Israelo-Palestinian conflict, the principal victims of which are children, owing to the non-application of the UN resolutions and to the non-respect of the peace agreements signed between the two parties; 2. Considers the appeals for peace launched by the international community; 3. Acknowledges the wish of the Israeli teacher trade union (ITU) to open a dialogue with the Palestinian trade union leaders; 4. Acknowledges the role played by the Palestinian teacher trade union (GUPT) to support peace and justice; 5. Calls for a. the ending of all violence and the immediate application of the ceasefire without preconditions; b. the end of colony settlements on Palestinian territories; c. the resumption of the negociations in search of a global, equitable and sustainable peace on the basis of the agreements reached and the recognition of the legitimate rights of the two people recognised by the UN; d. all pupils and students to be able to attend school and university safely; 6. Decides to send an EI delegation to investigate the conditions of teachers and students in the Palestinian territories and in Israel; 7. Decides to organise an international conference of the Arab teacher trade unions affiliated to EI; 8. Decides to continue to organise, as shortly as possible, the conference, including peace and justice, entitled Learning to Live Together.

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