Resolution on the Revision of the Distortion of History in Japanese Textbooks

The Third World Congress of Education International, meeting in Jomtien, Thailand, from 25 to 29 July, 2001: 1. Concerned that some Japanese history textbooks for middle schools edited under the initiative of Japanese right-wing groups were authorised by the Japanese government. Such outcome would damage the friendly relations among countries of the Asia-Pacific area and, moreover, have a negative influence on history that they promote and other inappropriate contents such as the glorification of the Japanese colonial rule and history of aggression. Therefore, we wish to declare the following; 2. Reminds the Japanese government that these days the international trend is to reflect on one's own history of wars and violence and make efforts to create a new peaceful age, as demonstrated by Germany, for example, which has made a grave reflection of its history and given good apologies and compensations to war victims. We further urge the government to (1) immediately correct such history textbooks that glorify its wars and colonial rule while distorting the historical truth and (2) positively participate in the international trend to bring about peace; 3. Urges the Japanese government to faithfully implement the UNESCO Recommendations (Education for International Understanding, Cooperation, and Peace and that for Liberty of Human and Fundamental Rights. Nov 19, 1974) stating that « education should contribute to respect for the fundamental liberty and human rights, establishment of social justice, and promotion of international understanding and world peace and also objection activities against all kinds of neo-colonialism, all forms of racism and fascism, and other ideologies arousing ethnical and racial hatred; 4. Urges the Japanese government to alter the procedure of selecting and adopting textbooks so as to allow reflection of reasonable opinions gathered from teachers and their associations, who are the subject of education; 5. Demands that the Japanese government settle complications arising with associated countries and develop cooperative relationships through immediate truthful history education based on the universal values pursued by mankind.

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