Global Response: Unite for Education
July 2018

Global Response: Unite for Education

In addition to its broad global perspective, the Global Response campaign works in target countries where education unions have identified a particular threat to public education. Research reports by country: 


Bridge vs Reality: a study of Bridge International Academies’ for-profit schooling in Kenya by Education International & Kenyan National union of Teachers, (2016) Download in English


Schooling the poor profitably: the innovations and deprivations of Bridge International Academies in Uganda, by Riep C. & Machacek M., (2016) Download in English


Partnership Schools for Liberia: a critical review, by Hook T. Download in English


Quality and Equalities: a comparative study of public and low-cost private schools in Lagos, by Unterhalter E., Robinson L., & Ibrahim J. Download in English


Education is a human right and a public good. However, the growing commercialisation and privatisation in and of education represents the greatest threat to the achievement of quality free public education for all.