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Sexual Diversity

LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Teachers 


Since 1998, Education International has worked for the rights of its lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members and has defended those rights in larger society. It is working with partners and member organizations on formulating recommendations and policies in this area 


In 1998, the EI World Congress passed a resolution on the “Protection of the rights of lesbian and gay education personnel”. The resolution recommends to member organisations to respect, defend, and evaluate LGBT rights. Within the context of its policy on equality, the Committee on Equality within the EI  European Structure, ETUCE, put the defence of LGBT rights on its agenda since 2001. In 2004, EI and Public Services International (PSI) set up an EI-PSI LGBT forum made up of representatives from affiliates of the two organizations, which serves as a consultative body to the Executive Boards of both EI and PSI.  

EI urges schools to provide teaching materials that encourage the respect of human rights of all and that deal with the LGBT rights. Such materials should be free of discrimination and stereotypes and cover all areas of gender diversity. School environments should be open and respectful and encourage tolerance.  

EI policy on sexual diversity and LGBT rights is shaped by  resolutions passed by World Congresses. The following resolutions have been adopted with regard to sexual diversity and LGBT rights: “Resolution on the Protection and Rights of Lesbian and Gay Education Personnel” (1998), “Resolution on Respect for Diversity” (2011), and “Resolution on LGBTI Rights” (2015).  


As a result of the resolution on the “Protection of the Rights of Lesbian and Gay Education Personnel” passed in 1998, EI conducts a Global Survey on LGBT teaching personnel through its affiliates every three years.  

Both EI and PSI have also produced a publication called “Working for lesbian and gay members” to serve as guidelines for the protection of LGBT personnel’s rights for EI and PSI’s member organizations.

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